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Slot Themes
Popular games on mobile is slots games, all different games have their own slot themes, here you can find themes in many of the games available right now.
  • Massive Revamp for Emerald Isle Slot Game!
    Exciting news! Popular classic slot machine game Emerald Isle from NextGen has just had a major re-release. The new version of this highly popular game has been offline for a while. Tired and outdated, it is now back with a new look. Stunning Graphics Based on the older Emerald City game, it is widely recognised […]
  • Player Wins Record Mega Moolah €7,968,311.26 Jackpot Playing on Mobile
    Microgaming is firmly establishing itself a reputation amongst online gaming. Now they can add a new record to their growing list of accolades. The slot game “Mega Moolah” recently paid a record jackpot to a mobile device – an impressive €7,968,311.26! The unnamed player of Zodiac Casino known only as DP, won the record-breaking €7,968,311.26 […]
  • 31-Year-Old Yorkshire Man Cashes in £2,065,627 Prize
    We make a lot of decisions every day, many of them small and insignificant – we don’t usually give them a lot of thought. Life, however, is a constant series of decisions and some of the best stories in history come from small decisions that had big consequences. Usually, these kinds of turns of fate […]
  • The Codfather Winner’s Story: It’s A Miracle
    Miracles happen when we least expect it. And a miracle happened when Christian least expected it too. It turned out that his miracle was a definitely catch of the day, and one that he certainly wouldn’t want to throw back! NextGen have a number of excellent online slots available, and each one is fun and […]
  • Slot Review: Hall of Gods
    Hall of Gods has a lot going for it in a lot of different ways. Designed by Sweden’s very own NetEnt, this game is all about the mythical Norse gods of old and characters include Thor (and his infamous hammer) and Odin. Both of them are pretty powerful creatures, and both of them are a […]

Go Scott Walker!

He’s the Governor of Wisconsin, and he wants to cut wages for public sector employees. Naturally the workers are a bit unhappy about this and have come out in large numbers to protest. I pray that he sticks to his guns (if you are a deranged person please do not become violent because I said g-u-n-s!).

Wisconsin is a “progressive” state, which is another way of saying it is “broke”. The good Governor is doing what he must to save his state. The protestors of course have no answers to the deficit problem. They are concerned about themselves, which is natural enough. But Governor Walker has to be concerned about all Wisconsinians or Wisconsonites or Wish You Were Here. At any rate he can’t afford to be narrow and small, we’ll leave that to the protestors. I just hope he does the right thing knowing that the pain of today will be worth it over time for everyone, including those protestors who hate him now. Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry

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